The Process of Moving The World's Largest Excavator Weighing Thousands of Tons
  • 16.05.2024
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In this video is the process of moving the largest heavy equipment, this method is often used throughout mining, by transporting it using a train to make it easier for the equipment to be moved to reach the location more quickly. Below are several brands of heavy equipment that are transported. Hitachi EX3600, Komatsu PC8000, Bucyrus 495 HR and Komatsu PC5500

How to Move the Wreck of a Giant Excavator?
  • 16.05.2024
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What had happened to ex 3600 ...engine failure or hydraulic pump failure ..? It would have been almost impossible for d11 alone to push ex 3600 as its weigh around 360ton... It was an excellent idea to use another excavator to power the travel motor of ex from India

Inside a massive shipbreaking yard that scrapes millions of dollars' worth of cargo ships every year
  • 16.05.2024
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Ship recycling yards are industrial facilities where end-of-life ships are dismantled and various materials are recovered for recycling. These facilities are typically located where large ships can be economically dismantled. Ship recycling yards enable the recycling of significant amounts of steel and other metals, providing raw materials for shipbuilding and other industries. Here are more detailed insights about ship recycling yards: ### Major Ship Recycling Areas Ship recycling operations are generally concentrated in Asia due to lower labor costs and favorable regulatory environments. The main ship recycling centers include: - **Alang, India**: One of the largest ship recycling sites in the world. - **Chittagong, Bangladesh**: Known for large-scale ship recycling activities. - **Gadani, Pakistan**: Another significant ship recycling center. - **Turkey (Aliaga)**: Stands out due to its proximity to Europe and regulatory standards. ### Process and Workflow The ship recycling process generally includes the following steps: 1. **Preparation and Assessment**: Upon arrival at the yard, hazardous materials (asbestos, chemicals, fuel residues) are identified and safely removed. 2. **Cutting and Dismantling**: The ship is dismantled using cranes and heavy equipment. Steel and other metals are separated and sent to steel mills for recycling. 3. **Recycling and Disposal**: Non-metal materials (wood, plastic, electronic equipment) are recycled or disposed of according to waste management procedures. ### Environmental and Social Issues Ship recycling activities can bring significant environmental and social issues: - **Environmental Pollution**: Asbestos, PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls), lead paint, and other hazardous materials can cause serious environmental pollution if not properly managed. - **Occupational Safety**: Ship recycling workers face hazardous working conditions, high injury risks, and health problems. - **Regulatory Standards**: Regulatory standards vary greatly between countries. Europe and America have stricter environmental and worker safety laws, whereas some Asian countries may have more lenient standards. ### Economic and Commercial Aspects The ship recycling industry provides substantial employment and economic benefits: - **Employment**: Ship recycling facilities directly and indirectly employ thousands of people. - **Recycling**: Metals obtained from ship recycling are reused in shipbuilding, construction, and other industries. - **Economic Contribution**: Ship recycling activities bring economic activity to the regions where the yards are located. ### International Regulations The ship recycling industry is subject to various international agreements and regulations: - **Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships**: An international agreement aimed at ensuring that ship recycling does not pose unnecessary risks to human health and the environment. - **Basel Convention**: Regulates the transboundary movements and disposal of hazardous wastes. Ship recycling yards play a crucial role in industrial recycling, but they also carry significant environmental and social responsibilities that must be carefully managed.

Extreme DANGEROUS Big Log Trucks
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Wood logging trucks are formidable vehicles designed for the perilous task of transporting large quantities of timber from forests to processing facilities. These immense trucks are equipped with specialized features to handle the rugged terrain and heavy loads associated with logging operations. Despite their impressive capabilities, navigating treacherous forest roads and hauling massive logs poses significant dangers to both the driver and surrounding environment. The sheer size and weight of wood logging trucks demand skilled operators who possess expertise in maneuvering through challenging terrain while ensuring safety and efficiency. Despite the inherent risks, wood logging trucks remain vital assets in the timber industry, facilitating the transportation of timber resources essential for various industries worldwide. As they navigate through dense forests and steep inclines, wood logging trucks exemplify the intersection of engineering prowess and environmental stewardship, albeit with inherent hazards that require constant vigilance and caution.

This is the Largest and Strongest Heavy Equipment on Earth
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The integration of heavy machines in construction projects reflects the industry's commitment to innovation. The safety features incorporated into heavy machines prioritize the well-being of operators.

Dangerous Biggest Wood Logging Truck Operator Skill Working At Another Level
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Watching that wood logging truck in action makes me appreciate the skill and expertise behind every move. I never realized how graceful a wood logging truck could be until I watched that video. The way that wood logging truck maneuvers through the forest is like a delicate dance with nature. Seeing the raw power of a wood logging truck effortlessly handle those massive logs is simply breathtaking.

5 Ultra-Large Excavators Working on Another Level!
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the bridge between ancient wisdom and cutting-edge technology, connecting the roots of tradition to the branches of a sustainable future. The sheer size of dump trucks is awe-inspiring; they carry the weight of progress on their robust frames.

From Quarry to Fortune: The Million-Dollar Journey of Granite Mining and Manufacturing
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What i learned is that the ancients knew more about cutting and shaping granite than moden man will possibly ever know. Extraction of granite or marble blocks and making thin pieces is very hazardous due to fine dust.incureable silicosis due to stones containing salicylic acid for the workers.

Ride Indonesia's Cheapest Handmade Iron Scooters
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The clutch design of the train's belt drive is impressive and smart, so simple yet effective, i'm stokedd. To engage the clutch just slide the whole engine away from the axle to tighten that belt putting tension on it, ito open the clutch slide the engine forward a bit. Clever.

Transporting the Grove Crawler Crane from Conexpo
  • 05.05.2024
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Weight of the machine is 263,000lbs (119295 kg) and the crane can lift 140 us tons (127 metric tons) Bro that video was awesome ...I love working with heavy machinery and the driver of that crane did a hell of a good job.. Very well planned and executed. This is not for the faint hearted people.

Excavator Caterpillar 6015B Loading Construction Trucks
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Caterpillar 6015B excavator is among Caterpillar's large and powerful construction machines. It is designed for heavy-duty tasks such as loading construction trucks. Here are some features of this excavator: 1. **Powerful Engine**: The 6015B is equipped with a robust engine. This engine provides the necessary power to lift and transport heavy loads. 2. **High-Capacity Bucket**: It uses a wide and high-capacity bucket for loading trucks. This means it can carry more material with each bucketful, allowing for faster and more efficient work. 3. **Large Job Capacity**: The 6015B has a large job capacity. This allows it to quickly load multiple trucks or handle large loads. 4. **High Efficiency**: Caterpillar machines are generally known for their efficiency, and the 6015B is no exception. Features like fast cycle times and low fuel consumption increase work efficiency. 5. **Advanced Control Systems**: This excavator offers advanced control systems to help operators perform their tasks more efficiently. These systems facilitate precise movements and provide operators with a more comfortable working experience. 6. **Durability and Reliability**: Caterpillar machines are typically known for their durability and reliability. They have a robust structure to ensure reliable performance in challenging construction environments. With these features, we can say that the Caterpillar 6015B excavator is an ideal choice for heavy-duty tasks like loading construction trucks.

The Greatest Construction Machines Working on Another Level
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Mining operations are not only safer but also more efficient and environmentally conscious, thanks to heavy equipment. Those metl things on the track are for changing out a track. By squeezing the grease out of the open port that is used to spread the tracks therefore shrinking the track and then grease is put back in to stretch the idlers when the new tracks back on And just to think, all that power, is developed by pumping a small amount of a special grade oil, into a cylinder to push it away, then pump to the opposite end to push it back! Hydraulics!

Transporting The Volvo EC650 Excavator And The Caterpillar 235
  • 01.05.2024
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Great to see a old style excavator stil going strong. The Volvo is originally a Swedish brand called 'Akerman', which Volvo purchased in the 1990's. They produced the Akerman machines under the Volvo name in Sweden for some few year in the 90's, then the factory were shut down and Volvo moved all production to the Samsung's excavator factory in South Korea which they bought in the end of the 90's. There Volvo started creating their new line of excavators mostly based on the Samsung excavator design, but with many ideas from the Akerman Great job by all means he crew members and operational staff. And it's great to see how powerful MAN 8×4 prime movers are ... That's what German iconic brands are...

How to smash an old cargo ship
  • 01.05.2024
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In this video, you can watch with astonishment the magnificent techniques of dismantling ships scrapped in the shipyard.