Receive&Transport A Brand New Caterpillar 374 Excavator From Eltrak To Papaioannou Group Facilities
  • 02.03.2024
  • 2343

They executed the delivery process with utmost precision and efficiency I enjoyed watching this video. Job's a gooden Watching this excavator video is like watching a dance between man and machine. The level of coordination is simply amazing

Abandoned Excavator left in woods for 16 years- Will it start ??
  • 02.03.2024
  • 727

I'm always super impressed by someone who actually knows what they're doing. Just loved that he took the time to change the oil, fuel and coolant before firing it up and driving it home. Seen a lot of barn-find-vids where they just put a battery and crank it and race it about.

Rescuing A Cat D4D Dozer Abandoned for Years on a Steep Hillside
  • 02.03.2024
  • 539

That old dozer sat there all that time hoping someone would come along and put her shoes back on so she could get back to work. She happy now!!! 3 mates get together and decide to do what looks like the impossible - getting an old dozer which has lost a track off the side of a hill. Plus it hasn’t run in years and get it running - no big deal. Marty the drone shots and your camera work was spot on. Such an enjoyable episode.

  • 02.03.2024
  • 769

That is a genius idea , on addition to it , get some weight and put on the front wheel so that it will be effective. The front wheel has traction and energy , it only needs some weight If rear-wheel drive and front-wheel drive were successful, they would have done it a long time ago, and the slip rate would be high in corners

Highly dangerous modern dump truck operators, fastest asphalt paving heavy energies
  • 02.03.2024
  • 304

That little truck reminds me of hard-working little Wal-Lee from Disney movie. So cute! Amazing how that little loader stood up that barrel and load it up by itself.

Enjoying everything and more! You can't waste anything!
  • 02.03.2024
  • 130

Good night Princess. The Prince was amazing. Top of the galaxies. He deserved a talent like that. Now I just have to rest and have a great night. May Heavenly Father bless your life and your family greatly. See you tomorrow. Good evening, Pakita. It is very rewarding when we can see maintenance and repairs being carried out and everything is top notch!!! It's nice when we can and have time to qualify work equipment, and you do so whenever possible and necessary. Once again, receive my applause and congratulations on the treatment and care you show towards the Prince. SHOW!!!. Using your words, it's "just the popcorn kernel". I hope that in tomorrow's video, we can see the result. I wish you a great night's sleep and rest, under Divine Protection. May GOD bless you and greatly illuminate all the days of your life. See you tomorrow. KISS KISS!!!

For the “Cururus” to face it!
  • 02.03.2024
  • 76

Good evening Pakita, now yes, yesterday I missed you very much, today I am very happy to see you and that beautiful smile of yours, princess, yes, you are a beautiful and determined warrior, the most beautiful of all warriors and the most affectionate of all. Every day you become more beautiful, you look so beautiful Pakita, everything is chic and cool. Good evening Pakitinha, how are you and your repairs 😁😁, a driver isn't just about driving, you have to keep the beast standing, Pakitinha, you're like me, if it takes 6 months to get back somewhere you won't be able to handle it anymore 🤣🤣 only based on GPS 😁🤣. Good night and have a good rest, princess. Kisses beautiful

Hold the stitches!
  • 02.03.2024
  • 17

Hello pakita that's it I'm praying for you I wish you much success you are an incredible woman have a great job and a great rest congratulations heroine hugs stay with God It's always good to see you calm and with most of the problems resolved! Have a good dinner, blessed! That hug, and a huge kiss. I hope you always bless!

Look what they did to the driver!
  • 02.03.2024
  • 22

Good evening PAKITA. It is very important that the Company sponsors these improvement courses for its employees, it is still an important investment in important parts, its drivers. Congratulations to the Company. I saw in one of your videos that you are offering the low guard trailer for sale, whoever buys it will certainly be very happy, even more so when they see that it is brand new. Loving hugs to you and may God continue to pour powerful rains of blessings and protect you. Hi Pakitinha, good evening, beautiful and dear friend 😍💞☺... You know I was going to ask you about the events of this blind spot course! I don't know if you could have included another part of the video, to know better how we should act when we are in the situation of pedestrians, motorcyclists or even with a foot brake. I don't know if I made myself understood, it's to know where the blind spots are. ! So that we avoid these places! In the case you mentioned, it would be for pedestrians, right, you have to raise your hand if you are passing in front of the truck, right, but a small car on the side of the passenger door cannot do that! And all the teaching to improve everyone's safety is very important, right? Learning isn't lost, right? Oh, I accept donations, see lol... True, today the elevators are at a standstill, especially in commercial establishments

It's catching and taking everything, see!
  • 02.03.2024
  • 15

Good evening, princess of the steering wheel, your voice is still squeaky, a little bit cold. Pakita, you look very beautiful in that dress, it looks beautiful on you, you look very cute and also very charming. Pakita, as always, you are stunning in your looks, they are all beautiful. May God cure your flu, kisses, beautiful truck driver Good evening Pakita, you reported that you had an appointment scheduled, and that on a certain day it was your appointment, when you go to another appointment you have to talk to the doctor and ask for some tests to see how your health and immunity is, as it is not normal every now and then you have the flu, even if the weather and temperature change, something is wrong, get well pakita, may God bless you and protect you always, until the next chapter of our real-life soap opera with our pakita, reporting your day to day on the roads of life with or without difficulties, etc. a hug kiss kiss pakita

Impressive Industrial Machines Operating at Peak Efficiency
  • 26.02.2024
  • 12296

Witnessing the operation of impressive industrial machines is a captivating experience as these powerful entities perform their tasks with unparalleled precision and efficiency. These industrial machines, designed to handle demanding tasks, showcase cutting-edge technology and engineering prowess. In various sectors such as manufacturing, construction, and logistics, these robust and sophisticated industrial machines play a pivotal role in boosting productivity and streamlining processes. These industrial machines operate at peak efficiency, seamlessly integrating advanced automation and control systems. As these industrial machines navigate through their tasks, one can't help but marvel at the synchronized dance of gears, hydraulics, and electronics, all working in harmony to accomplish complex operations.

Incredible Safety Top Work Operator Dumper Truck Back Fail Heavy Help Volvo EC210Blc Komatsu PC
  • 26.02.2024
  • 1487

We need large crates and this will allow our agri sector to improve after mass hurricanes. We still have some flood areas that we need to build hurricane infrastructure. Everything was done normally, in no hurry! Neat and correct. And the armchair experts who say that it was possible to unload and push with one excavator is not safe! He's more likely to push you off the couch this way 😂😂 . You always need support from the side, the soil is loose, the front wheel cuts the ground.

How to make a bicycle powered by compressed air?
  • 26.02.2024
  • 21055

When I see this type of video I am extremely satisfied with the simple realization made from scratch with limited resources and in the end the guy successfully completes the project... You are amazing my dear!!!! Sir, you are obviously above the genius level. You surprise me with every video. I would love to see a video of your interview. Tell us about you. I would love to hear your story

Incredible Fastest Big Chainsaw Cutting Tree Machines
  • 26.02.2024
  • 1992

In the realm of forestry and timber industry, the incredible advancements in large-scale woodcutting machinery have brought about a transformative era. These formidable giants of the logging world, from massive sawmills to high-tech chainsaws, operate on an entirely different level, revolutionizing the efficiency and precision of wood processing. The integration of cutting-edge technology has elevated these large-scale woodcutting machines to new heights, allowing for swift and precise operations in the harvesting and processing of timber. These magnificent woodcutting machines boast impressive capabilities, effortlessly handling massive logs with speed and accuracy. The automation and innovation in these machines have not only increased productivity but have also enhanced safety standards for workers in the logging industry. As we witness the ongoing evolution of these incredible woodcutting machines, they stand as a testament to human ingenuity in harnessing technology for sustainable and efficient wood processing, ensuring the continued supply of timber resources while minimizing environmental impact.