​Best Heavy Machinery Brands

​Best Heavy Machinery Brands

There are several top-quality brands of heavy machinery, but which ones are better? We will take a look at Caterpillar, Volvo, and Doosan. We will also discuss Liebherr, a relatively new player that has experienced fast growth over the past decade. These companies make heavy machinery that are perfect for a variety of applications. They are often the preferred choice of many construction companies, as they have an exceptional reputation and a strong product portfolio.


Doosan is Korea's leading manufacturer of heavy equipment and recently bought Bobcat, a famous name in compact machines. Now, both companies operate under the same brand name, Doosan Infracore North America, which is home to its new headquarters in Suwanee, Georgia. Bobcat's new management and marketing team has also rebranded the company and re-energized its strategy for heavy equipment.

The company has ambitions to become one of the world's top five heavy equipment manufacturers by 2020. Although Doosan currently ranks sixth globally in heavy equipment sales, it has nearly half the market share in North America. Doosan's product range includes skid steer loaders, dozers, and road construction equipment, and it has an impressive range of multi-purpose machines. The company's global reach has helped it meet tougher environmental standards.
Despite its growing influence, Doosan has kept its momentum under Bobcat. With this brand, the company is looking to become one of the top five heavy equipment manufacturers in North America. Throughout the years, many heavy equipment manufacturers have combined forces and acquired foreign firms. However, Doosan learned from the experience and is now aiming to be among the top five heavy equipment manufacturers in North America.


The company's name evokes a strong emotional response in most people. It has developed a positive reputation over the years through authenticity and continuous innovation. The company's products are used by leading companies and governments across the globe, boosting its reputation and international recognition. Moreover, it is committed to strengthening consumer trust by collaborating with government agencies and leading companies to develop innovative solutions and improve environmental sustainability. This is a hallmark of the Caterpillar heavy machinery brand.

While the world has many heavy equipment manufacturers, one of the most famous is Caterpillar. This brand has connections with many well-known people and has featured in films such as Aliens, Skyfall and Hellfighters. Its heavy machinery includes tractors, dump trucks, excavators, graders, scrapers, and construction machines. The brand has become an icon in construction and mining. But what makes Caterpillar heavy machinery stand out from the rest?

After World War II, the company expanded its business into foreign markets. In Venezuela, for example, CAT machines helped build a 10.5-mile superhighway for transport through the Andes Mountains. The Indian government purchased 93 of these machines in 1953. In 1956, Caterpillar supplied equipment for the Melbourne Olympics. The brand also supplied equipment for use in the world's most environmentally difficult locations. In addition, CAT machines were used by the U.S. military during Operation Deep Freeze III in Antarctica.


There are many brands of heavy machinery manufactured by the Swedish multinational corporation Volvo, but few compare to its famous Construction Equipment. Its product line includes excavators, wheel loaders, motor graders, and other heavy-duty machines. These machines are used in a variety of industries around the world. The range includes everything from excavators to compact construction equipment, and all of them exceed industry expectations for productivity and reliability. Volvo heavy machinery brands are the perfect fit for any job site.

Founded in 1888, the Volvo heavy machinery brands are highly reliable and have an impressive track record. The company has an extensive catalog, and displays its latest developments at international trade shows. Its dealers can provide you with the heavy construction machinery that will suit your needs. You can visit these dealers online to learn more about their products and services. You can also ask them for the latest information and news. If you have any questions about the brands of construction machinery, you can also contact them for advice and recommendations.

The company is committed to building both physical and human infrastructure. With a global strategic vision of having 35% female employees, it is actively working toward gender equality. They are also involved in the ExcelHer programme to encourage women to get back into the regular workforce after a career break. You can also find out more about the various brands of construction equipment offered by Volvo. For example, Volvo Trucks is a world-famous brand in heavy machinery. Its fleet of buses includes electric vehicles, diesel engines, and hybrid trucks.


In house control of key technologies is a priority for Liebherr. Major sub-assemblies come from in-house production and development, including the entire drive line technology of construction machinery. These include the diesel engines, electrical systems, hydraulics, and anti-friction bearings. For more information, please visit the Liebherr website. The Liebherr Group is a strong independent group of companies.

Despite global economic uncertainty, the company invested in new ventures. In 2002, it announced a new business partnership with MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, developing a diesel motor. It also invested in wellness sections of two luxury hotels in Austria. In addition, the company broke ground on a new production plant and a new marine crane in Rostock in 2003. Liebherr has a rich history of investing in new technology and innovation.

In addition to construction equipment, Liebherr also manufactures material handling equipment, mobile cranes, earthmovers, automation systems, and domestic appliances. They also manufacture construction cranes and mining equipment. Their global reach extends to aerospace and port equipment. As the leading manufacturer of heavy machinery, Liebherr strives to innovate to stay ahead of its competition. In addition to its extensive range of heavy machinery, Liebherr is also known for the Liebherr Hotels in Germany, Austria, and Ireland.

As a global brand, Liebherr has successfully expanded into new countries to meet the growing demand for construction equipment. In Europe, Liebherr established a complete manufacturing plant for excavators and trained its workers, while in Russia, the company installed a transmission assembly line in a truck manufacturing facility. In addition, the brand began expanding into areas where it was less competitive and could lower labor costs. Despite the global market, Liebherr has been able to maintain a strong position in sales and profits.


XCMG has a long history of manufacturing heavy machinery. Its products are sold in over 180 countries, including 97% of those along the Belt and Road Initiative. Its strong global sales network includes over 300 overseas distributors and more than 2,000 service centers. In addition, it owns over seven thousand authorized patents and has set up 40 overseas branch companies and offices. Its brand value is increasing every year, and it has achieved remarkable international recognition.
XCMG's core competitiveness lies in the quality of its products. Its products have won the trust of the worldwide construction machinery market. XCMG President Xi Jinping recently visited the company's headquarters in Shanghai. He said that China must rely on its independent development and grasp innovation drive to maintain its competitive edge in the global marketplace. In the past decade, China has become a leading exporter of nine different types of heavy machinery. It is the world's largest manufacturer of crane trucks and is a leading exporter of three other categories.

XCMG heavy machinery groups has established manufacturing bases in Brazil, Germany, the United States, India, and Uzbekistan. Its subsidiaries in Germany and the United States are among the largest in the world. With its extensive global operations, XCMG has become one of the industry's largest and most competitive manufacturers. Their construction machinery brands include excavators, wheel loaders, dump trucks, and a variety of other construction machinery.


The Sany brand has become a household name throughout the world. The brand was one of the first Chinese companies to enter the prestigious Financial Times Global 500 list, and is now home to over 90,000 people across the globe. The brand's specialty is concrete machinery, and it currently ranks number one in the world in this sector. This means that the SANY name is synonymous with high-quality, long-lasting machinery.

The company started in 1989, and was founded by Liang Wengen. Based in Changsha, Hunan Province, Sany is the 6th largest heavy equipment manufacturer in the world. The company also owns a subsidiary, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which also manufactures construction machinery. It also produces sanitation equipment. Despite the relatively recent growth, Sany still remains one of the best heavy machinery brands in the world.

If you're a contractor, longevity of the equipment is important to your bottom line. Both Cat and SANY heavy machinery last a long time and can increase your project's efficiency by up to 50%. Sany is about half the price of Cat equipment, and the company is based in China.

Written by: Onur Uludag
Onur has worked in the industry for many years, especially interested in the maintenance of heavy machinery and trained himself in this field.