Homemade Hydraulic Dump Truck 500cc
  • 29.11.2023
  • 4420

I used parts from a lawn mower tractor to build the dumper, such as a hydraulic gearbox and a 500cc engine with a power of 17hp. I also installed simple power hydraulics, which can be expanded at any time. The vehicle works great, makes work very easy, Can easily transport a load weighing 300 - 400 kg. Great job! I can apppreciate your fabrication skills. Time spent on this would have been even more productive on a loader on a compact tractor. Still appreciate your skills!

Incredibly Powerful DIY Hydraulic Vise!!
  • 29.11.2023
  • 1734

Beautiful work, I was very satisfied with the result, an extremely strong lathe, ready for any job, very good indeed, a hug, continue to honor us with your beautiful work. You could make some kind of oscilating disc(similar to a camsaft lobe) to trasform liniar motion in rotational motion more like a standard vise to get rid of that pushing to operate the jack, very nice build Amazing vises, beautiful and precise work, the result is really good and beautiful. Kudos to the very fact that you took the trouble to write the measurements as well and not just the video shoot, shows that you have good giving qualities in addition to the practical ability.

  • 29.11.2023
  • 1269

In this video you will see an unusual design of a trolley for moving heavy and long loads. To reduce the cost of construction, many parts are taken from scrap metal, from old cars and motorcycles. This thing makes physical labor easier and is really fun to operate. It is one of the coolest, most useful things I have ever seen. I have seen some neat log arches but never thought of the possibility to make them motorized. Another good idea is that the pipe frame joined at 45° will be strong.

Amazing Suspension Bridge construction Time Lapse How Suspension Bridges Are Built
  • 29.11.2023
  • 695

The Osman Gazi bridge is jewel in the crown of the Gabze-Orhangazi-Ismir motorway with a main span of 1550 meters. It's the 4th longest suspension bridge in the world, second in Europe and the longest one in Turkey. With a huge crew of most experienced technicians and engineers, and 34,000 tons of steel used to build the bridge. It was opened in 2016. Much respect to the people who dedicated their lives to the world of engineering. They're the ones behind these mega-projects. As are the skilled workers who actually build them. The amount of expertise and hard work that goes into building these mega-projects is truly awe-inspiring. From the engineers and architects who design the structures to the skilled workers who bring them to life, every person involved in the process plays a crucial role. It's amazing to see how they work together to create something so massive and intricate.

Incredible Performance Of Heavy Equipment Operating At Another Level
  • 29.11.2023
  • 1690

One of the most commendable aspects of heavy equipment is its versatility. From construction sites to mining operations, and from agriculture to transportation, these machines can adapt to diverse industries and perform a wide array of tasks. This versatility makes heavy equipment a valuable asset in various fields, showcasing its overall excellence. Heavy equipment stands out for its remarkable power and capability to handle demanding tasks. Whether it's excavating large quantities of earth, lifting heavy loads, or demolishing structures, these machines showcase exceptional strength and efficiency.

Inside A Combine Harvester
  • 29.11.2023
  • 248

One of the things that amazes me about a combine is the wide variety of grains that a single machine will harvest simply by changing out the header. Not only is the shape and size of the grain different, the stalk that the grain grows on is dramatically different. The people who design, engineer and produce work on an astounding piece of equipment. Great job everyone harvest is a long job but I always loved it to old now but really enjoy your videos Grant and Laura and crew including pepper. Looking forward to the finish and whats next.

Harvesting Corn At Night
  • 29.11.2023
  • 138

Great idea to show us your night time harvesting. You all are working really hard. Its so great to see how you two as a couple work together to accomplish this huge job of harvesting. You all are good folks and I wish you much success and eventually some time to get some rest. That Night drone footage is just amazing. You guys are really putting farming on the map. And yes I have watch every video of your harvest fest. This one is really outstanding.

Driving Around In Circles For Days
  • 29.11.2023
  • 162

That drone shot was awesome! It really gives you a feel for how large the land is you're farming and how tiny that tractor is in relation. AND that you have more than one field you farm. Pretty amazing. Great video! Two things: I love learning more about the details of operating the farm. It's not just planting and harvesting. You show it all. The second is showing how you and Grant are a true team. You share all the duties and we can see all the love. It truly warms my heart. Keep it going!

Dangerous Job On The Farm
  • 29.11.2023
  • 149

As young kids growing up on your respective family farms your parents did an excellent job educating you in the farming processes. You both have done well to combine your knowledge & it is great you can still draw upon your families. I'm glad that you are taking precautions with the NH3. Breathing just a whiff of it will kind of cause your throat to seize, stopping breathing.

The Farm Will Never Be The Same
  • 29.11.2023
  • 101

I know how difficult this was for you to share. Thank you. It was a huge tribute to your Grandpa and spoke volumes about him, his family and his legacy. You and your family will be in our thoughts and prayers over the coming months. Your midwestern resilience and care shines through everything you do. You take care, I’m sure your “camera man” will always have your back ... Your character is one that we need more of in this world. Know you can carry Papa Curts legacy, and it’ll be shared with the entire world. He’s damn proud of you, and so are we.

It seemed like it was up there, but it’s really down there…
  • 29.11.2023
  • 178

Simply wonderful, beautiful, beautiful this woman, in addition to being a beautiful professional and polite charismatic friendliness, this warrior is a good example in this life. Success queen in your work journey, today, tomorrow and always. Kisses and stay with the eternal God of our lives. Be careful, be very careful with the height, always check to make sure the screw on the ladder hasn't come loose, 700 km a day is a lot, I even know If you do more, I just recognize that it is a lot, have a good rest and always follow with God.

Today, all wet!
  • 29.11.2023
  • 309

Headlights and wheels as bright as ever, I'm glad you're doing well with your life Pakita, you're a very special person and deserve all the best... Big hug and have a good trip!! Despite talking about you drinking water from the hose, Pakita, I also admire you a lot not only for your physical beauty, but mainly for your brilliant commitment to your profession as a truck driver, always treating everyone with respect and friendliness! Congratulations! Keep it up! May God bless you and protect you from the constant danger on Brazilian roads!

It went through… it was going to end everything!
  • 29.11.2023
  • 214

It's good that you were able to see the bent shaft. Experience is Experience. May God continue to bless and always protect you from dangers. A hug to you, your followers and a great week to everyone. Hi Pakitinha Linda, what a scare today... I'm glad it wasn't more serious... these potholed roads destroy even iron, your sweet and good manner makes everyone want to help you, be careful tomorrow riding your bike , have a good rest and a good night, sleep well and sweet dreams

We are in the same boat, learning together!
  • 29.11.2023
  • 224

Hello Pakita! You don't need to memorize every place you go. Showing us what you can record is already great! Thank you and congratulations for your kindness! All the best... Stay with God! You are a great woman, an example, and I admire you for being a great truck driver, congratulations, always continue like this, God bless you every day in your work.