Best tractor fails
  • 12.07.2024
  • 2042

Wow, pure mechanical genius! I'm surprised by the lack of safety measures.. for an organised events, I saw a couple of peoples that barely avoided injuries, including kids! I like tractor videos and the sound of the tractors and the people there too...makes it feel more like you're really there. Loud noisy music dubbed over it, ruins it!

It 's Hard To Believe ! Mega Heavy Tractors In Extreme Conditions - A Professional In His Field
  • 12.07.2024
  • 724

Sitting here with machinery management students: Such a great pity that the Brain power doesn't match the engine power which , too, is too much for the Drawbar horsepower in these cases. Over and over again we see too0 much Position and not enough Draft control. Don't know if the Brain Linkage was even engaged. YOu have to feel sorry for some of the folks though, looks like BIG Business nonsense succumbs to the purchase of overly big machinery for which the incumbent drivers have no real experience and there's NO accounting for drivers not even knowing which way they are pointing their steering wheels...... Thanks for posting this video that we may comment and learn , perhaps stimulating some educated discussion.

Futuristic Agriculture Machines That are Next Level
  • 12.07.2024
  • 50

Agriculture machines have revolutionized the way we cultivate, sow, and harvest crops, significantly increasing efficiency and productivity in the farming sector. We are so poor in this sector , it’s amazing technology, I hope see it in every where in world , what a great engineering!! The ongoing innovation in agriculture machines ensures the continuous improvement of farming methods, fostering sustainable agriculture and addressing the evolving needs of the agricultural industry.

Ferguson Te-20 V8 Tractor Harrowing
  • 12.07.2024
  • 61

Wonderful tractor build! This video should have 2M views at least. I ve always wanted a V8 gas guzzling tractor swap. Certified YouTube classic sir! Please post more videos of your tractor. Well done by the way. Bravo Your a hardcore farming legend

890 HP 10X 890 COPY CAT Tractor Plowing
  • 12.07.2024
  • 41

Big Tractor Power is out in the field with a 890 hp 10X 890 COPY CAT Tractor pulling a 14 bottom 21 ft wide JOHN DEERE 2800 moldboard plow . Viewers will follow this big plowing team in the field , ride in the tractor cab as well as learn about the machine''s specifications and history.

The load fell from the truck in the middle of Avenida Brasil, Rio de Janeiro!
  • 12.07.2024
  • 750

I got nervous just watching the video. What a crazy situation. Glad you got help. It's hard to see you go through a situation like this. Good night Pakita!!! Hope you have a good rest!!! May God continue to bless your life and your profession!!! Good afternoon beautiful, my God, it was a great release, I'm glad it was still in Rio, I wasn't in the mountains, thank God there are good people to help, I'm glad everything went well, Heavenly Father always accompanies you wherever you go for Kisses beautiful, I LOVE YOU

I couldn't stand the provocation. I went to get satisfaction!
  • 12.07.2024
  • 442

Good morning Veridiana, everything is cool, hey, he went to the Marvelous City, it's a shame he went for work, nehh, but there won't be a lack of opportunities hahaha, as for rude people, they don't care, they exist everywhere in our world, nowadays people everyone is out of patience, respect, you see every case in traffic, even people lose their lives foolishly, today our lives are worthless Unfortunately, kisses, kisses, be with God, beautiful princess

They scared me, this load moves a lot!
  • 12.07.2024
  • 677

Good night Pakitinha, may God bless the shipment......may God bless these roads, divine protection.......may heavenly father protect you and keep you enlighten your paths, all the best, kisses, kisses Whether night or day, winter or summer, Pakitinha always rocks and does everything perfectly. Always humble and affectionate, driving her truck... That's why she's queen, and she's always in my heart! Good night and one from me to her!

Truck didn't climb the pirambeira! I almost gave up!
  • 12.07.2024
  • 506

Pakita, I can join the chorus of your fellow travelers, but the decision is yours. Every day the roads get worse, the chassis becomes distorted but it goes on. A hell of a hill to climb, just when I thought it was over, but I die. A hug and a good night, BJs. Good morning Pakita! I know we have to chase our dreams, I think you are running a lot of risk of incurring losses by going into very complicated places. I want to see you well, don't take that risk, you can find better things!

The truck almost fell into the field! The load was too high!
  • 12.07.2024
  • 576

Good night Pakita, God bless you greatly kisses ️ and your little heart is calmer, Jesus, beloved, I'm suffocating to see that truck almost running over the prince and swinging like a drunk on the hill, it's time for you to review those loads in those pirambeiras and have to live with the adrenaline In the heights, have a blessed week little angel, take care, stay with God Good evening blessed pakitinha very interesting the beet harvest we only see at the market but when we see people harvesting it is painful they all deserve our respect and you also deserve a lot of respect for taking risks out of turn to bring the load God bless you always pakitinha kisses kisses stay with God

Impressive Industrial Machines Operating at Peak Efficiency
  • 12.07.2024
  • 803

In the bustling factory floor, a symphony of industrial machines resonates, each performing its designated task with unparalleled precision. These remarkable industrial machines are the backbone of modern manufacturing, tirelessly operating at peak efficiency to meet the demands of today's production environment. From towering cranes lifting heavy loads effortlessly to intricate CNC machines crafting intricate components with pinpoint accuracy, industrial machines showcase the epitome of engineering prowess. Every movement of these industrial machines is a testament to human ingenuity and technological advancement, driving productivity and innovation across various industries. As they hum rhythmically in harmony, these industrial machines exemplify the relentless pursuit of excellence in manufacturing, setting the standard for efficiency and reliability.

Impressive Industrial Machines Operating at Peak Efficiency
  • 12.07.2024
  • 806

Discover 50 unbelievable heavy equipment machines working at another level. This video showcases industrial machines performing extraordinary tasks with unmatched power and precision. Watch heavy equipment machines in action, highlighting cutting-edge technology and engineering marvels. From massive construction vehicles to advanced manufacturing machinery, see how these industrial machines excel in their respective fields. The video emphasizes the remarkable capabilities and efficiency of these machines, demonstrating their pivotal role in modern industry. Don't miss the chance to witness these incredible heavy equipment machines operating at their peak.

Warship Anchor Chain Mass Forging Process ! Factory Since 1958 !
  • 12.07.2024
  • 766

Not going to lie. Seeing the size of ship chains always made me wonder how they were built, so this was an interesting and educational video. I hope those workers stay safe with the heavy machinery moving at high pressures. Great video. Much better than 95% of all low-budget industrial documentaries.

Impressive Industrial Machines Operating at Peak Efficiency
  • 12.07.2024
  • 583

This captivating topic highlights the wonders of modern construction and mining technology. The discussion showcases various types of heavy machinery, each designed for specific purposes within these industries. Crucial for any large-scale construction project, equipment such as bulldozers, excavators, cranes, and dump trucks are engineered to handle immense loads and perform tasks that would be impossible with human labor alone. The capabilities of these machines are truly extraordinary. Featuring advanced hydraulic systems, powerful engines, and other sophisticated technologies, they operate at peak performance. These incredible machines expedite construction and mining projects, emphasizing the indispensable role heavy machinery plays in shaping our world.